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NCBS will host a Wall of Fame at its corporate headquarters. This Wall of Fame will display attractive 8x10 pictures of the inductees all identically framed with brass plaques beneath each picture giving the name, date of birth and (if deceased) the date of death along with the major contributions to North Carolina barbecue by the inductees.

To be included on the Wall of Fame, the inductee must have made major contributions of time/talents and services that promoted North Carolina barbecue and contributed to our rich barbecue heritage. The initial class of inductees shall be 12 as determined by the society’s present board of directors. The names and accomplishments of additional inductees may be submitted to the board by society members for consideration at a later date.

Inductees for each Class are listed in alphabetical order

The Class of 2007   The Class of 2008 The Class of 2009 The Class of 2010
The Class of 2011 The Class of 2012 The Class of 2013 The Class of 2014
The Class of 2015 The Class of 2016 The Class of 2017  

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NCBS is dedicated to supporting
our warriors through
scholarships and attendance
at our BBQ Boot Camps.

NCBS is dedicated to supporting
1st Responders through
scholarships and attendance
at our BBQ Boot Camps.

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NCBS was recently asked to go to the Dominican Republic and help put on an event for the U.S. Embassy in Santo Domingo.

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