Speedy Lohr’s BBQ of Arcadia
Roger Lohr
8000 N. Hwy 150 – Enterprise Rd.
Lexington, NC 27295
(336) 764-5509

Changed Ownership - December 2018

“Roger Lohr ran Speedy Lohr’s BBQ for a number of years under the name of Arcadia Barbecue. Several years ago, Roger placed the business under the umbrella of his father’s corporation and changed the name to Speedy Lohr’s. Roger’s father, Paul “Speedy” Lohr, is an old hand in the barbecue business, having trained under the watchful eye of Warner Stamey at Stamey’s Drive-In in Lexington and Old Hickory Barbecue, also in Lexington. Speedy also trained under Paul and Joe Cope at Stamey’s.

The sauce at Speedy Lohr’s BBQ is a Lexington-style dip. It is brown, thicker than some, slightly tomatoey and peppery with spices that fit in very nicely. It has overall good balance and clings to the meat well. It is not too hot and has a good finish.

The chopped barbecue comes sauced from the kitchen. The chopped ’cue is slightly drier than the coarse-chopped or sliced barbecue. The chopped pieces are large enough to retain the flavor of the meat with the sauce. It has plenty of taste – good, bright vinegar-peppery taste with a good finish. The chopped barbecue is not heavy and you know you just had some good stuff.

The coarse-chopped barbecue is tender as can be. It’s moist and comes sauced from the kitchen fairly generously. I would not want more sauce at the table. The dip and the meat are a good combo. The coarse-chopped ’cue comes in much larger pieces. It has a good, light, smoky flavor that is enhanced by the dip. The sliced barbecue is the white part of the shoulder. It is very moist and sauced in the kitchen. It is very flavorful and tangy. The pepper comes through but does not overwhelm the meat. It can be eaten as dessert or entrée.”

Excerpts from The Best Tar Heel Barbecue Manteo to Murphy pages 79-80.